M-tec M200 vs Monoblanco


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Parex Monoblanco vs the M-tec M200

Both are on the same team and work perfectly - When set correctly with any machine, Monoblanco is a dream to spray

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we try our best to replicate site conditions for our training and demonstration purposes. Within this video, you'll notice we are running the machine and air compressor off 1 transformer and the water is being fed off an IBC into a barrel - the power is from our Industrial unit with other machines being ran/tested at the same time. So in effect, very similar to site conditions.

The success of this machine is purely down to its ability, reliability and overall performance. Its very easy for us to sit back and just tell you about the machine and how good it is, but the proof is seeing it actually doing what we say it does!

Today we have been applying Parex Monoblanco through the M200. For todays video we had 15m of hose and 8/9 bar pressure, this machine certainly had more to give! Material was applied at 10-12mm and a time served spread even said that, " it's a dream to rule".