Looking to broaden my knowledge on sip buildings

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Hi Im getting been asked to price for a sip building for a garden office. Does anybody know any training courses or associations that’s worth looking at? It’s something I’d like to get I to.

Cheers, Joe
One would assume that if you ring a SIPs manufacturer they would be able to point you in exactly the right direction.
I just priced up one to render the spec was Knauf aqua panel and basecoat and top coat , heard nothing back yet but was impressed with the build
What is it you are being asked to do to a SIP build?
Indoor boarding & plastering? Outdoor rendering?
Actual build and erection of the SIP elements?

happy to help guide, point you at SIP suppliers and advise...

I’ve been involved with the STA (Structural Timber Association) for years and know loads of the big SIP suppliers...

Good Luck
Richard Lord
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My son in law is going to build a garden room 10x5 m .fully insulated ,I said price up using sips ,it's fast, he said it's to expensive.