Looking for someone who can work with lime plaster in Sheffield


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Hi there,

I've recently taken on a detached Victorian house in Sheffield, which needs some renovation work. I've just finished stripping all the woodchip wallpaper off in the main bedroom, and I'm hoping to insulate the 2 external facing walls. I've added a photo to the end of this post - the wall on the right hand side is one of the walls.

I've read a bit about the process, and how breathability can be a problem with gypsum plaster. I've looked at a few options, and found that insulated lime plaster from l*m*-g***n might be the best bet.

I'm struggling to find a plasterer who can work with lime in Sheffield, and the couple I spoke to are reluctant to try the insulated plaster. If I can't find someone who will work with insulated plaster, I thought of using the wood fibre boards from l*m*-g***n, and getting someone to skim over the top with lime.

Is there anyone here who might be able to help with a job like this? I'm using this main bedroom as a trial, but the whole house will need doing in time.

Thanks in advance for any help!

The below photo was taken just after a stud wall came down... it's a bit tidier now!