Looking for someone in Sheffield to apply lime-based internal insulation


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Hi All,

We're looking to insulate our Victorian sold stone-wall semi in Sheffield. Looking to get the living room/dining room done first and then look to gradually do the rest of the house over time to spread the cost. Ideally we want to try and avoid gypsum/insulated plasterboard systems to keep building breathable and avoid damp issues.

There's already plaster up, so we'd be looking to take it back to the stone and re-plaster in lime-based insulating internal plaster/render such as Diathonite, Bauwer Light or something similar at around 50-70mm + finish (not too fussed provided it does the job and keeps the heat in) or use a wood-fibre board system like this one (https://www.l*m*-g***n.co.uk/warmshell/warmshell-interior).

Approximate area for re-plastering + insulation is 35m2 and added a couple of photos of the room(s) and walls that need doing. I was wondering if anyone hear knew of anyone that might be interested as we're struggling to find anyone willing to quote for it? Would consider doing it DIY, but reckon I'd be there until beyond Christmas if I started now.

Thanks in advance for any help!



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Hi Mike, an alternative is our ProofTherm insulating render. Highly breathable, expanded Perlite based and using a lime binder.


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