Looking for plasterers in the USA.

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Currently looking for full-time plasterers able to work 6 days a week 12 to 15 hours a day. Once on-site the accommodations are covered and a per diem will be issued each plasterer. Also there will be monthly bonuses will be given accordingly. We have currently projects in Las Vegas, Colorado, California, and New York. We will also have projects in the future in Hawaii and possibly South America and Guam not all plasterers have to travel abroad but the opportunity to do so will be there. Great weekly pay with a company that respects it's plasterer and provides a comfortable working environment. Feel free to call me directly at 216-323-1977 we can go into further detail then. Email is RICHARDSTUCCO@YAHOO.COM
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Sorry but what a wan ker. A company that respects its plasterer yet wants him/her to work 15hours a day 6 days a week.

With respect go fu ck yourself
same hours as working in mines in oz except your on £400000 a year.


give me £400000 a year il do it for 5 years then retire.
You’re selling yourself cheap again algee. For me would be 15h , for you ....... 5 is more likely . Digs paid? I am for the adventure . :bailando:Of all them 15 hours you might have only 5 real work anyway.


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