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Hi recently done a plastering course course looking to work with some to gain more experience in the job only looking at 3 days a week as I have a part time jobs aswell cheers
Out of interest how much did you pay for the course and what did you learn?
Prob not a lot,a painter and decorator I know went on one and I was on a job with her a couple of weeks back and she asked why I mixed more up for my second coat as they taught her to do two coats with the same gear lol.take your money then teach you wrong.im not saying two coating with the same gear is unacceptable,it has its benefits at times but you need to learn the correct way first.
I was always taught jist the one mix, and only more if need be

By tradesmen and at college.

From the guys I know who.have done.NPA plastering (course at.college) They gey modules
2.Bonding - wraggles patch and straighten
3.Cement - wet/drydash and render

Two and a half days a week for college terms.
Right or wrong I've done what ive done now just wanted to c if there's any one who could help cheers
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