looking 4 a break

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I'm new to plastering I got made redundant last June and done a City&guilds course in plastering done about 10 jobs would like to get more experance working with a plasterer have my own tools and car cheers
Best of luck to you bud , hope things work out :RpS_thumbsup: you'll always have your convenience stores and funeral directors to fall back on coop :RpS_thumbup:
Kebab king on here is from farnborough he said yesterday he's looking for someone :RpS_thumbup:
Only thing is you'll probably be better than him :rolleyes)
@kebab king
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Think u rang me the other day, as for Nisus, he is right, you will be faster than me.Too slow u down i will bum you so hard your tonsils will be throbbing.
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