Long Heat Waves Keep Breaking this Plaster, any fixes please?


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Hi, everyone. We’ve been having issues with the walls in the entrance to the house.

The plastered wall is up against a curved section of an old stone door canopy structure which the entrance walls were more recently built around. It was fine for many years but just in the last few years there’s been plaster cracking and falling off after long spells of hot dry weather. This is happening where the plastered wall meets the stone. Please see 2 photos attached.

We repaired it and the same thing happened again after last year’s big heat waves.
Any ideas on a permanent solution to stop this happening again would be greatly appreciated.


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Monkey Boy

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Ground dries out and probably old footings sitting above frost line so stone moves up and down
in tandem with hot dry wet changes = under pinning maybes?


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Thank you for your replies. Is it possible to maybe leave a gap between the stone and plaster so they are not touching and causing this damage then put something on top to hide the gap. Could this work?


You can see the twist in the first pic. The big bit hanging down at the bottom is totally out of placement with where it came from