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Not sure if anyone has posted about the above before although I could not find anything in a search.
Having just started up on my own I'm putting in a hell of a lot of legwork dropping leaflets door to door. Today I got a call from a girl at the company above and she tried to get me to part with £120-00 for work leads. I have seen this sort of thing before so I flat refused to do it today. As soon as I was off the phone I did a Google search on them and not a lot of tradesmen (of all sorts, not just spreads) had anything good to say about them.
So I won't be going ahead with it but just wondered if anyone else has had any experience of them?


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hope the leaflets work for you better than it did for me captain,tried it a few years ago and out of 500 leaflets got 1 yes one definate job, 2 jobs to quote for which i never heard from again, and one bloke came running after me some 2 streets further on to give me my leaflet back,said he did not like junk mail/free newspapers through his door,


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you cant win a raffle if you dunt buys a ticket,,,fair play to you captain, its not the best time to set out on your own coz every ones in the same boat but at least your doing summat positive by looking for work and not just expecting the work to come to you, ,go with your instincts and if some one contacts you for anything else other than a job then fick em write off they only want your money,,them people are touting for a wage aswell,,,if your confident,,polite,,clean n tidy,, reliable,,not just the cheapest the work will start coming in,,,good luck,,hope this helps


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Cheers Hector.
I've got an outside render to quote for out of it already. Obviously won't be doing it in this frosty weather yet anyway but the guy owns about 10 properties around the town so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
The way I look at it is at the moment I've nothing else to do so I may as well get out there and post some. Keeps me fit anyway and the weather is nice!!
As far as the **** who came running after you about the junk mail my reply would be 'well if you were looking for a plasterer then it wouldn't be junk would it? Idiot.


I had a punt with these. £120 for six months worth. They said that if I got no enquiries from it than I could get another six months free.
When someone contacts them they send it on by text to four of the signed up tradesmen for follow up.
So I'm three month into it and I've had nothing fantastic to look at. They have sent me over two enquiries for bits of patching jobs that I cant be bothered with (so I guess no free six months) but nothing ventured nothing gained.
They don't seem to promote themselves as muck as Rated people .com who are on tv all the time. Has anyone done any good out of these?
on this subject does anyone know any thing about freeindex ,ie is it really free and if it is ....is there a catch cause i cant see how they would make it pay ...
Rated people joke mate. Bought job lead called customer she said that she wasn't moving in for another three weeks..... called back allowing time, she said she found some one else!! tried reporting bad lead wanting my money back they said there was a 14 day period to report bad lead. Even cancelling membership was an nightmare, in the end had to go through my bank to stop them pinching money. Paying stupid lead prices for work is risky, better of paying for advertisement.


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You are genuinely better off getting out there with flyers,website,networking,a-boards,sign writing etc than paying a middleman who sets you off quoting against others and charging you for the privilege.

500 flyers seems a lot but in reality you are looking more towards 10,000 flyers to get 50-100 enquiries straigt away. For example take a look at how many builders, window or kitchen firms there are, now how many in your area or local streets are having any of the above done? But you would expect for the amount of businesses that everyone would be having work done, hope this makes a bitof sese lol.
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If your sat at home twiddling your thumbs your better off leafleting at least you get some fresh air and there is more chance of getting work :)
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