Liquid screed

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done one today 420 mts over 3 floors. My biggest ever. Still falls short of the super screeders though:RpS_mad:
what machine did you pump that in with blones?

and 420 metres in a day thats going some using flo
can someone do a few stickies for this room on each of the different type of screeds and the processes so people can identify as in dry screed, wet screed, floating floors etc, kingspan so on
I used a brinkman fhs 320 it will empty 5 cube in 30 mins. we used 21 cube but didnt have it going full pelt cos it was fiddly retirement flats. They did the floor prep spink it was a 10mm acoustic foam.
I took someone along whos job was to just keep setting tripods ie set them all then come in and take them where we poured and set them further on.
Got your s**t together Blones, when will bagged flo screed be a viable option? The cheapest i can get weber alpha is 5.88 a bag, so no R pump for me yet.
We got offered to go onto a course with cemex for this flowing screed i was told you could do 1000m2 a day lol and get £1 m2 which sounded like quality. But i have seen it f**k up on site and had to have the lot up which sort of put me off lol.
laying screed is like spraying the machine will pour loads but what happens when you got 8 rooms in a flat that all need tripods in. That 420 mts took 4 men usually i go to 100-150 mts ground floor with just 1 other person. It all depends on how many tripods you can lay in front and the higher you go the heavier the pipe.
100 mt + jobs are good if your screed comes on time. if they are late then u can be sitting around doing nothing for hours. I would defo prefer screeding than rendering but once the money drops i'm out
never seen alpha. But the g5 etc can be used for jobs up to 2 cube but then it gets too pricey. Tarmac do truflo for 7 quid
Yes, weber has bought them out. Take a bit of a loss on the floor as long as it's easy to pour and you should be ok on providing the whole package, perhaps.
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best stuff i found to use is lafarge gvylon.
depends on size of machine mine will take around 4 cube

agree with above, you can make a lot of money until the arse falls out of it as it inevatably will.but its bobing along because of the craze in under floor heating.

only thing i could tell you plasterjfe is about wet screed as i dont bother wth any other, and blones has pretty much covered it,if you pardon the pun.
with the euro being poop at mo. a brinkman is close on 30k so people are going for p11.
i bought one for 1800 and sold it 3 years on for 4500 to putzmeister. That was a brilliant bit of LUCK
forget pouring screed from a g5 etc mcplaster. the material is over double. it takes 3.3 bags to cover a mtr at 50mm which is about 25 quid material. gyvlon is 8.50. mt
if you take into account the charge for the space left on a 5 cube wagons haulage your bagged will come in a little dearer on materials but probably easier to clean a g5 out on a 1 cube job than a big pump so if u can make the labour work its a goer.
For info we've just screeded a care home and managed to pump out 1100m2 in a day, worked out at 87m3. Wasn't an easy days graft that's for sure!
Lads. When I was working on a site a few years ago the surveyor for the screed company came in n checked all the levels of the floor with a stick with a tube going from said stick to liquid in a tub. Erm....what, how and why?
its like some kind of water level. There will be a mark or measurement on the tube which he would need to duplicate to prove the floor was level.
No point in them these days a laser is good enough
As blones says a water level, actualy more accurate than a laser, can go round corners and about a £1000 cheaper,
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