Liquid screed for a garage floor

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Hi guys
i need some of your expert advice on flo screed/a liquid screed.
i have been asked is it possible to do this in a garage instead of using concrete and tamping it etc.
it is roughly 36-40 Sqm and they want a depth of about 125-140mm.It will only be used as your normal domestic garage,
is this possible straight on top of scalpings??what prep would be needed to get it ready? and what liquid screed would you recommend for this.I know we would have to make up some sort of shuttering I'm guessing, but your advice would be great.
the main house is 214 Sqm which is needed to be done in a flo screed over under floor heating,so was just wondering if we could use the same gear to do the floor in the garage at the same time???? Or if they would need a second truck with a different product in it.(obviously this will not be me doing this but a proper firm.
cheers guys


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Isn't there a reason why you shouldn't use flow screed to n a garage? I'm sure someone told me this recently.


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If I was you mate I'd use a 50mm insulation board and lay a MINIMUM 75mm traditional cement & sand screed, if your gonna lay a flowing screed you don't want more than about 60mm as the drying times become horrendous! I've never done a garage myself but surely laying a floating any screed of less than 75mm wouldn't be able to cope with point loading of the car and fail? I think your gonna need a thick screed for this or an high strength screed.


No, generally you shouldn't put liquid screed in a garage. It can't be the finished surface.
If you're going to put tiles down it's ok, posh car showrooms have used liquid under tiles.
I'd recommend you get your groundworker to lay a concrete slab with a slight fall out to the doors when they build the garage to DPC level. Just need a scaffold board across the front for level. Concrete is cheaper anyway.
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