Lime render stops at first floor - flashing required at top or not? Need advice...


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Afternoon all - I'm desperately in need of some advice.

I've just had the ground floor of our victorian property lime rendered at the back (we've done a ground floor remodel so there were lots of bricked up openings/new openings etc that needed tidying up), so the render stops at the first floor. The guy who did the job advised that, because it stops at the first floor, I might need to install flashing all along the very top edge of the render in order to stop water from getting in behind the render and frost damage/render damage occurring. On two of the three walls in question there are roof eaves at the top of the first floor that go over the render however on our very back wall there are no eaves whatsoever and the roof stops flush with the brick wall below it (unusual, I know). This would mean that in theory rain could drop down directly on the render.

So... long story short... where the render is only going over the ground floor and not the first floor (and where there aren't eaves covering one of the three walls) is it advisable to place some sort of flashing at the top of it?

Final question - if this is the case, would flashband be suitable? Or would it need to be lead?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!


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If you have had it rendered with Lime and Sand, Lime breaths so as long as he hasn’t put any chemicals in it and it is only Lime and Sand because it breaths it will get wet and dry out again, the Lime won’t hold the water behind it


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Hey all - thought I might add photos just to show the situation - as you can see there are no eaves or guttering at the top. Do we think that it will be fine without the flashing?