Lime render hairline cracks and bloen

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Hi all.
Just had the front of a mates house Lime rendered three weeks ago. There some small hair line cracks I;m not bothered about them.
The problem lies in the peak above the bay window . There are two horizontal lines that run horizontally ( I think where they fixed their mesh.Then three days ago just above one of theses lines it blew.
Is the answer to patch or to completely re render the peak?
Thanks in advance lads.
Hi Vallo,

I use this stuff all the time now (well a lot ).
When you say apex do you mean as in a dormer window type apex? i.e. timber clad (wbp ply) and then expanded metal or Hi-rib, then the S+L applied? or is it brick/block?
If it was brick/block was the EM applied due to poor brickwork? cracks etc?
What where the mix ratios?

Rock on!
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