Lime Plastering Help

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Hopefully theres some plasterers on here that can offer some advice.

I need to plaster approximately 39m2 of wall in my house in lime plaster @ approx average thickness of 30mm.

I have used an online calculator to calculate the quantity required and its coming out at 1900kgs base and 300kgs finish.

Would you agree that I need 475kgs of lime and 1425kgs of sand @ 3:1 for the base and 100kgs of lime and 200kgs of sand @ 2:1 for the finish?

I intend to use NHL 3.5 and a sharp sand is this suitable/correct? Should I hair the plaster?

Also can anyone recommend the best/cheapest place to buy it from in Leeds/Wakefield/Sheffield/Barnsley area please.

These are the walls that the plaster will be applied to;

Cheers in advance.
Not open for further replies.