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Afternoon all,
can anyone help me,what are the best sponge floats to use for the top coat,and who sell em,,thanks
is it for a sponged finish or are you using it to float the first top coat (introducing moisture) before the application of the second tight coat and finishing off the steel?
sponge finish,but from what i can rember there was two types of sponge used,and i dont know how too go about buying them
Hi Tomo,

We supply a range of specialist sponges for plaster and render, here's a link to our online store:

Plastic trowels & Floats & Sponge Floats For Plastering & Rendering

For finishing plaster you'll want a fine sponge. There was a post I saw on here earlier that you mind find useful, look at the last post:

Hope that helps.
So how do you finish plaster with a sponge refina
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