Lime burns on hands

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Just curious as to what remedies you may have used to ease the stinging n heal your hands iff youve had them ?

I fined down a pine end a couple of days ago s@c@lime but gloves were bugging me so took em off but forgot to put back on after a brew so didnt bother going back down scaffold to get them, bad move i know not done it b4 and wont do it again without protecting hands . Didnt notice till drive home and stung like a mf.
Used vaseline and the cream version and aqueous to rehydrate them after a soak. Pain eased off after about 12 hours, got 11 burns on hands, air on them seems best for the burns and cream to stop hands looking 120 yrs old !

So apart from the funnies is there something that works well inc old wives/witches tales for you ?
E45, aqueaus cream and 95% of the others are made from the waste from oil refineries.

Be careful rubbing this sh1t into yourself, it soaks in and does you no good at all.

Go natural, holland and barrett do loads of good ones.

Dr Organics body butter is good, as is hemp hand cream from the body shop.

Also dont forget to put your gloves on you numpty :RpS_biggrin:
Ta lads i think :RpS_biggrin: just tried sudocrem antiseptic cream says good for burns prob good stuff, i dont fancy pissing on em be like acid mun !
Ta lads i think :RpS_biggrin: just tried sudocrem antiseptic cream says good for burns prob good stuff, i dont fancy pissing on em be like acid mun !

It does sting a bit, but it sorts them out - just lay off the sarnies for an hour or so afterwards :RpS_thumbup:
When I render a lots have to wear a cut down sock up my arm as where the hawk sits on my arm the lime burns it big time always get the same cut coming back if not ,same with my hands never render. Without marigolds on ,kills my trowel hand if not
but looks like I have a brand new set of hands at moment as been off work since end of November and not back till march there going to hurt when back
haha done that before rendering with lime had gloves on but short sleeves had to sacrifice a sock to protect my arm
if its sriously bad then youve got to try pissing on them the amonia will neutralise the lime and kill the burn then go and offer to massage the wife without telling her what you did
I wear socks taped to my coveralls arm, cut holes out obviously for your fingers/thumb, as for remedy for burns.. suck it the fuk
i was wet dashing a castle in Aberdeenshire years back and the lime content was massive, soon as it hit the eyes ( yeh I know, but goggles got covered in no time ) you dropped the toolds and ran round shouting WTF for 5, but I still got the burns on my wrists....
I was talking to one of the old spreads on job fri and he uses paraffin wax on lime burns he swears by it ! My burns are almost healed after over a week protecting them but there's still one big ******* on top of mid finger trowel hand so if can get some paraffin wax il give it a go.
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