Levelling out a floor for parquet flooring

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Guys, I need some help on this.
My friend has managed to get a load of quality second hand parquet flooring but needs to level out the existing concrete floor. Trouble is the middle of the floor probably needs around 30mm on it tapering out to nothing at some points. IMO this is too thick for self levelling compound but too thin for a full screed.
Is there any product on the market for this sort of problem??
Can you not build up the deep hollow so far in grano, the self levelling right over the top of the lot?
This gear is meant to go down up to 50mm thick. I have never used it just seen it in the store.
Like asif said first,with some self levellers if you read the info then you can add a certain amount of sand to self levelling to bulk it up for thicker areas.
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