Levelling kitchen floor by a couple mm

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We have removed a wall between the kitchen and hallway/lounge and found that with there being some old tiles laid in the hallway/lounge it means the floor in the kitchen is a couple mm lower. We don't particularly want to remove the tiles and are planning on laying the new floor on top of these.

We are laying laminate in the kitchen and hallway/lounge are so need to floors to be level.

What would be the best way of getting the floor a couple mm higher to be level to the hallway?

And how much should we expect to pay someone for this, we are based in Wimbledon.

I have attached a couple of pics of the kitchen and the floor.

The kitchen is about 3m X 2.5m.

photo (9).jpg photo (8).jpg photo (10).jpg
Yeah self levelling compound. Add a bit of sharp sand in the mix if any depths required, then a thin layer over the top.
Might want to prime the floor with an acrylic primer if needed. Be careful if you remove any of the old Marley tiles some older ones contain asbestos!!
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