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Is that @Ritch filling the holes he left

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Thanks love, I have been using the heel of the nela. It’s all smooth but you can see where I had to do that! Feel about 5 with that fat on display lol! Onwards and upwards!
I've only ever done one of those and won't be doing another. Took a full day to batten out and mesh the back of the staircase and hardwall. It was spot on, the perfect curve. Then I noticed it was sagging, and I needed an extra 2 or 3 fixings for the mesh so I had to take it all back down. Raining hardwall everywhere. That was a s**t day

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It’s harled by hand mate, They’re slate stacks dubbed out with haired lime, scratched on, butter coated and dashed. It’s a dashing mortar from limebase. Putty based mortar with pozzy. Then they’re getting a coat of Kiem paint.

I get all the lime stuff from them now, really nice to work with, consistent colour and consistency. Bloody good price too. (y)