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Skimming this poxy bathroom.. although not too bad, only had to take paper off wall and get it prepped today, skim tomorrow.. even better than that, I sheeted it up yesterday easy life :ROFLMAO:
Fook me just how messy are you.....or are you going to shoot someone in the head with a shot gun in there ?:confused:


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Finishing off jobs today. Toilet and basin and shower screen to go in, in new en-suite I’ve created in the bedroom. Touching paintwork up, curtain poles, trimming doors etc. Then downstairs into kitchen to fit end panels and kick boards.




Yes kitchen is currently a s**t hole!
Last bit of plastering to do.



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Not me altered doorway n that’s it came month later came back today do kitchen I think who eva been throwing it on with a spoon n a flexy
Got to love how they couldn't even be bothered to wipe a snot off a boiler before it set the tramp!!!

Proper dogshit work stealing a living off a proper spread!!!


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Like this Same house around side plumbers have been new hole cus at move toilet but then stuck oringnal pipe back in ,this house is to be sold as well lol rough cants