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Nothing but praise by the likes of shearer and lineker saying they need to be in the premiership but we’ll take some Cornish warblers word for it! :ROFLMAO:
Cheeky c**t!!! Leeds don’t have the right calibre of player to cut it in the premier league I text my old man the same thing
Were gonna smash the championship biselas second year in charge, one of best managers in the world will take us back in premiership then were gonna smash the premiership! Most loyal fans in all football leagues!! That's my prediction anyway be nice to be back playing man United scum! Lufc till I die x

I thought you were from Rotherham
I can’t see it mate they’ll flap it I reckon baggies, Fulham and probably Brentford
Nah there clear by 7points with only 9 games left I think, they’d have to loose 2-3 on the bounce and Fulham win 3 on the bounce just to be level, not totally out the question but Fulham have been bang average of late and Leeds are flying.