Leaving EWI exposed ?

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Hi. I will be installing Grey eps EWI with both adhesive and mechanical fixings, all the way around my bungalow and extension , fortunately i have 200mm soffits that will comfortably cover the top of the insulation boards. Can i leave these for several moths and just rasp the face off as i base coat them ? Ive read that eps is open cell therefore won't hold water IE rain ?
Am i worrying over nothing ? Cheers. KR


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why are you leaving it months?
Can't you read Dan? He's not leaving it for months, he's leaving it for moths.
As I'm sure we're all aware the Hawk Moth is strongly attracted to geps and will stomp huge chunks out of it and then lay its eggs. Before you know the whole area will be in the mist of a Hawk Moth plague.
Either that or he just misspelled months?