Learnt a new method today

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Hello Chaps,

Did a private today with a another spread he showed me another method of skimming which worked well... much faster.... ok I cocked one ceiling up and he had to jump on an help but hey ho.

So the method.... to be continued!!

Off out on the lash


Right sorry about the delay my lift turned up a bit early last night.

Ok so the method

so you sling your first coat on then knock up another bucket of muck and go straight over the first coat no troweling the first coat just stick the second one on and lay this one on nice and even try not to leave to many lines.

When the seccond coat is on go back over and trowel up normally needs only a wet one and ahard trowel and thats it ceiling on.

The reason you put the 2nd coat on straight away is that it pulls in to the first coat quicker and you dont need to flatten the first coat wait around for ages.

Yesterday this save me a long time as I managed to sling so much more on in the time frame and made almost 2 days money by 3 oclock.

OK I cocked one ceiling this was due to me wanting a new pair of arms and just simply exhausted!!

I hope this helps someone, I am going to go and perfect this techniqiue over the coming months and hopefully earn a lot more folding pictures of the queen!!



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surely thats just the same as putting one thick coat on?

does this leave a good finish with no bubbling etc?
well the results were good, I did not have any bubbling and the time it saved was pretty good too.

I can see the theory behind it being like 1 thick coat but I dont think it is, providing your laying the first coat on evenly and with out to many lines ect I cant see it being a problem.

However I do like my old method where I sling it on let it pick trowel up tidy edges spin another mix up wetter and then sling on ect ect.

I have done 1 thick coats on some bathrooms where the tiler said it needs to be done asap and just sling it on...(I hate That) and that does ripple in places.



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Hi Danny ive got a good tip for when you are preping for a tiler next time.
Layb on what you need let it pull in tackyish then just devil float it up. The tiler gets a good key, youve done a set in half the time. Good tip if on metrage or just need to get away a bit sharpish.Why polish something which you dont need to.


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I leave it till its tacky then flatten it off with my splash brush, also gives a good key for the tiling.


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cool ok cheers mate ill try this in my kitchen next week :D

i was told a method other month that saves about half hour 45 mins a set, put first coat on, flatten it like normal and top coat it when about half hour after putting it on, normaly takes me 3 hours a set doing it this way takes about 2 hour 30 mins roughly.


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Interesting stuff guys,yeh im always lookin for ways to speed my gauges up. Tomcat,you were saying you cant get your 3 gauges in,do you work by yourself? and are you on site or you do private?

If your doin private,then theres always a s**t load more preppin up to do,i only do private for the fast cash,il put my quote in high,if i get the job great,if i dont i dont care! :)

I work on my own,my boss just puts me on the skimmin,gets the houses boarded ahead of me (what a guy ;D )
As you know,plastering is a great deal about preparation,when i 1st get in a house,il quickly lash on 2 gauges by 1:30 say (after all the titty'n around on your 1st day in a new house) then i stay till like 3:00 puttin every single bead on,gettin all my plaster upstairs etc water the lot.scrim up the whole of upstairs (closing all windows so they dont blow off) then thats a shed load of time saved,now you can concentrate of skimmin away like a good'n.

as of yesterday,ive been tryin a 1 coat method,and its literally saving me 30 mins a gauge (which in gauge time is quite alot) im down to roughly 2 hours 15/20 a guage ( i dont use a stopwatch!i jus always check the time the second i mix up,like when a runner presses their watch on the start line,time=money :))

1stly,it does depend how much your throwin on and how much your prepared to sweat and run around like a madman......depending on how much money you want and how soon you want to be in your grave.your lookin at 2 bags a gauge,so 6 bags a day,6 days a week= nice little earner.
put it on quite thick,not crazy thick but jus.........thick! :) where usualy one trowel ful would be your sweep,make it a trowelful and a half. then its 2 quick flatteners in quick succession,your 1st one is a light flattner (still wet) your second is GOOD AMOUNT OF PRESSURE,realy gettin it down,no 2nd chances on this one,you gotta squeeze it goooooooooood ;D nice an flat,then by the time youve come full circle again,no hangin round,lash the water on (dont hose it like but u no...) then anuva water,then you can either give it a 3rd water (if your not 100% ITS ALL DOWN) if you are jus dry trowel it till it looks nice an pretty! ;)



tahats all good halogen .....but no mention of 2 nd coat .....is this an omission or your preffered 1 coat method m8y ;)


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work on private work mate, yeah normally alot of prep work to do. i suppose if i can get straight on the plastering i could get 3 hits on if i was to work 8-5 with no lunch? lol.

normaly work 8:30 till 4:30.



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Regi boy i change like the weather.like today,my 1st gauge was jus bitty so i jus did one coat,then for the rest of the day 2 coat. I am a two coater,always always.one coat just throws me out of sync.with 2 coat i always know where i am.

but what i have stopped doing is makin my 1st coat super tight,i am (as of last week) doin a 'good' 1st coat,a good thickness,then the 2nd coat is supa tiny,like one handboard does a whole '3 board' wall. then its 2 flatteners,3 waters,an a dry one.sounds a lot of trowels but it does the trick. I get my 3 gauges in by 4.30 which means i get my money in so I


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........its all good.everyone has their own methods.thats what works best for me and im happy with my results.

tomcat,i feel for you man.private work is my idea of hell!! the odd cash job every blue moon but site work is the one for me.i realy dont know how ANYONE does private work full time!!
how do you get continuity of work? Word of mouth and advertising jus seems to much like hard work!!
get your arse on site mate :),maybe join up wit someone,an get on the board dab an skim.or jus dab an skim,or jus skim if your lucky enuf!! i dunno,u might love your private work?
would you consider site work? on site for 6.30 an home by 5. slave to the wage! ;D


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lol, always worked with dad and he cant stand site work, he likes to just go with the flow and earn a living.

id like to try site work see what its all about at some point.

but them hours? ouch!!
its nice to be able to get to work when you like and leave when you like lol.
i love plastering a big celing on my own, £150 and half day. lovely :d shame they dont come along often though :(

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