Learn to spray plaster


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Would any plasterers be interested in learning to airless spray plaster?

I’m thinking it be more a thing for painters but would like to know what you think about it?

I think there is money to be made in it


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Say it was local to you within 15 miles and a two day course. What you be willing to pay? I was thinking 400


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Sounds reasonable including all the gear etc, im sure some of the younger lads wouldnt mind a go ? (y)
I’m not young though (45) it’s less stressful on the body and it’s a better finish. Have u ever been told u can’t teach an old dog new tricks???? It’s a lie


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Don't knauf already offer courses in this? Sure Steve Currier was involved? @Runswithscissors

Knauf can offer Ready Mixed Finishing training at either Immingham or Sittingbourne training centres or site training (subject to project type and size)



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Why spray airless? it has to be sanded to get a finish.
Sigma self finishing plaster no sanding required. dub out beads and any other areas first with Knauf Blackband or Goldband. apply ready mixed plaster either with machine or by hand. pull a blade/ spat over , brush internals. The plaster is in a rubber bag, pour into a large bucket and keep the bucket covered as the material sets on contact with air.