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Has anyone tried leaflets for generating work? I was thinking of getting a few thousand printed up then delivered around my area to see what happens. I was just interested to hear if anyone had done it and what were the results.
Somthimes I think it makes you look desperate. But worth a try. But for the same money you could get a nice advert in the paper or a local trade book like I have in my area. But even that can be a nightmare when you find out your the 9th person to quote for a job
Waste of time mate, same as those kebab leaflets that come through the door.

A friend of mine used to pop into houses that were being worked on (there's loads in Bristol) and ask if they wanted any plastering done 1-2 in 5 people will get him to quote and usually he would get the job, he's flat out for work now and all it took was a handful of decent contacts and some decent workmanship.
I found leaflets worked when i first started out , ive had calls a few years later off them . At the same time you can deliver 500 one days and hear nothing , do 100 the next night and get 2 calls . They get your name about even if people throw them away . I was only paying 50 quid for 5000 like .
I dont think its a bad idea for someone just starting out as long as you get a good deal on leaflets its only your time on a evening or whatever posting :RpS_thumbup:
My bro in law has a degree in marketing and something i can't remember the name of. He now works for a massive company everyone will have heard of and he's said several times that leaflets are the most cost effective form of advertising any service business can use. You put your company literally in to peoples homes and as said if they keep it or throw it your names been seen so down the line your chances are improved. Get them printed in bulk for 2-3p each if that and look at the return per job you get. An advert in a paper is prob 3-400 a month?? U need to find a couple of days a month to break even on it.
A right mixed bag of answers there chaps, thanks. I'm still none the wiser but think I will get some done, what could go wrong!!!!!
Nowt mate , spend 50 quid and waste a few nights . Am pritty confident in saying u will defo get ur money back . Only takes a little patch job and ur back on track from them ..... Good luck mate , keep away from council estates ! Haha
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