Lack of motivation


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Got a severe lack of motivation recently...

I have been flatout busy plastering and no time to do the stuff that keeps me sane.

How i did this trade full time beats me
It can be so monotonous and repetitive. I envy those that get to do loads of different interesting stuff.


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Just thinking today, why the f**k am I still skimming walls at my age? Feel like I’ve underachieved a bit in my life, very poor motivation myself lately


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The heart of winter does that to me, standing in 2 or 3 t-shirt, 2hoodies, thermals and all froze, dark mornings dark evenings, lights on all day long to try and see, everything wet, that sucks motivation out of me a little. At the minute not too bad tbh


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Come on Danny we only live once , just coming to the end of a refurb I been on all the internal nearly complete, today absolutely killed me but i just keep in back of my mind it’s all towards my early retirement plan , 75 :numberone:

Today I nipped out for bit of sun bathing too in between gauges
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Yes swiss kid, I am trying to get to lurpaks heart for two weeks and I can't find one! What's up?