Labourer / apprentice/ hard grafter

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Looking for anyone as a labourer who wants to learn the trade, or an apprentice , or a young spread wanting to learn more , work is mainly Gloucestershire area. Some Wiltshire, driving licence big advantage, wage dependant on experience ,
I'm qualified, 25 yrs experience , Work is domestic only, houses, cottages , barn conversions, rendering,
Be prepared to leave angles clean & sharp and reveals nice and plumb with window frames cleaned, if your not prepared to clean the little bit of mess that you make off customers items, then I'll know I'm wasting my time
I've never used k/rend or similar as never used on types of property I'm usually at,
Been asked twice about 5 yrs apart so never bothered with it,
I'm anal about reveals / tidying frames etc,
Work hard- play hard- but make sure you turn in for work
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