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Hi all,
I could do with some advise please I hope this is the right please to put the thred.

On Monday I hade our house K Rendered we have a few quote and went with a chap that was recommended.

He used HP-12 Base coat meshing top coat buttermilk silicone FT.

Every day was dry and fine now our house is south facing and it was hot very hot when he finished on Thursday it look really well however when hosing down some splashes of water acerdenaly got on the Rend, Friday today hammered it down now here never sheeted the front over saying it will have gone off over night.

Now we have blotches of light and dark colours on the Rend now he wants paying saying it's finished however I am concerned as it doesn't look right.

My question to you guys it's what is the fix for this please.


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They're misses, not enough gear buttered over the beaded areas for a scratch back, not a particularly good job of scratching back in general from them pictures.


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Thank you for the reply, is there a fix for this as it on the front elevation also.
He mentioned last resort painting it
We just want our house finished.
U could use an acrylic render over it. Not a cheap fix u should phone k rend.


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I have seen a lot worse.

For an even colour then an equalising paint.

I think what K Rend meant was either a skim over of thin coat then either paint or Acrylic finish. If it is fairly flat then acrylic straight over the top but at a price and even then you need to know what you are doing. It will look better over the long term than the mono.

You could ring rendit it Doncaster. If anyone knows of a cure they will and they cover the UK.


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If that's the only bad bits on your full house it's not a bad job. Despite what the mr perfects say on here.

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Show some pictures of the full job not just 1 reveal....people will be able to judge it properly then