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Newbie here and first post.

Got damp in my kitchen which I am trying to fix. It is a terrace house and the neighbour doesn't have any signs of damp. This is the third time I've painted and still keeps through.

Had it bonded by a plaster but still come through. Not sure where the damp is coming from, pipes are above and had floor concreted.

When I removed the plaster the walls are still dry. Have attached pics for your reference.

Any ideas on how to solve please let me know


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How yo know it damp who told you it was damp did u just presume? Do you know what damp is are you a expert in the field of damp could it be something else? If you piss the bed is that classed as damp?


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It could be failure or lack of a damp proof course, notice it rises as you get to the external wall. Suprising the neighbour does not have it (or is in denial) but it does happen, especially with older 9 inch brickwork.

However, Smoother does have a point, it might also be condensation 'twixt cold floor and running down the walls. In a kitchen with little or no ventilation it is very common, and is a common cause of damp in other rooms, especially bedrooms. This could also explain why it is higher in the corner next to the external wall.

You need someone with a damp meter and knows how to use it properly. Despite using bonding the actual plaster looks ok and no signs of failure due to damp.
On balance I think it is heavy condensation from cooking with insufficient ventilation, and possible too much cooking/boiling without pan lids - makes a big difference.


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Leaking gutter, overflowing toilet/headder tank, broken drains, condensation, bonding on solid walls, or a combination of all