Keeping walls clean while doing a ceiling,


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hi all.

I'm new to the forum but I've already picked up a wealth of knowledge and tips that have improved my work and got me home ealier. So thanks for that.

I wouldn't say I'm a messy spread but every now and again the odd Splodge ends up on a wall... I usually just clean it off as I go.

I have a job coming up it's a re skim of a ceiling and the customer has just had the room decorated and this includes wall papered..there is coving so I'm thinking of polythene sheeting the walls up and masking taping the sheeting to the coving?

Any advice would be appreciated


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Watch what tape you use on coving as some will rip paint off it,,,even though they will still need to paint the top of coving,,,,
I use tacks then when removed spot fill with a white ready mixed filler.


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Thanks guys. I could not believe it when he said it's newly decorated.. still I've just brought my first speedskim so I'm exited to use it tomorrow


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I done the same sort of job.. They cleared room as much as possible. Yellow frog tape... Used wickes 10 pack of plastic sheets... Draped the plastic sheets all the way around and tapes to coving.. Wickes plastic sheets on carpet masked tight, then dust sheets over the top and tarps over the dust sheets... No problem.. Also used some duck tape and green frog where needed to hold it but not on any of the decorative surfaces..