KA tanking & rendering garage walls


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Hello just after some advice on tanking & rendering my garage wall... before the garage existed between the houses was a garden wall, this was built up to form the garage wall(9" solid no cavity, common brick) and new wall built(many years ago) to form the other side(single brick skin with pillars). The new side seems nice and dry due to having DPC but the other side is quite damp along with the floor against that wall.

Im looking to use the garage for "dry" storage so need to rectify the damp issues. My thoughts are to use KA tanking slurry and render and paint just to make it dry and presentable. Few things im not sure on

1. With it being brick would i be best to scratch coat first? And would i use waterproofer in the mix? Or just SBR the brickwork and straight on with the tanking?

2. If i do the above would i tank(2 coats) on the first scratch coat then another scratch coat and then top coat?

Any other pointers/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Your not “the” Kirk are you?


I would clean the retaining wall well, apply brush coat or two of an anti sulphate solution,SBR, two coat tanking slurry , coat with your render to protect tanking , job done. You may have to return the tanking around side wall a bit where it meets the retaining wall.