k rend / weber

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got a semi detached house to do 45 mtrs just had my mate round said its roughly a bag per mtr

1, how much should i be paying per bag

2, we are knocking off and my mate says webber aid then webber and scratch

whats the best product for this application but its got to be a through coloured render ie no painting

the scaffolding has cost £750 so looks like this job could end up pricey

cheeers in advance


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£50 A ROLL plus p&p , just do the job belt & braces mur , it will work out roughly £1000- 1500 more than standard s&c renders on most domestics jobs . Email or call k-rend once you know the substrate for advice.
thing is my mates only used webber products but is there much of a differance and do you just push the mesh into the webber aid


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is it worth going for a next day scrape over rendaid ?..............been nosing in on l+d ;D
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