K rend querie

Hi all fairly new to the plastering/rendering, started my first k rend job today, scratched it up a little bit early and it’s got a few swirly marks and maybe slightly deeper scratch marks anything I can do like maybe go over it again in the morning lightly?
Any advice would be appreciated


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No it will be solid, and go a different lighter colour. If you’ve noticed them you should of stuck around till it dried abit more. Always have a few different scratchers a couple of same dayers with flatter teeth and one next day just in case you get caught out. Try not to buy the scratch pads with the teeth in rows. Get the offset ones.
Cheers pal, I did a little panel before I left and scratched that this morning and it came out great. The walls 900mm high and 6.5m long, I haven’t put a movement joint in, will I get any problems there?