K Rend Qs.

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Hi Guys,

Being totally transparent, I'm a time served plasterer, mostly interior, all rendering o have ever done is S&C. The truth being I try and avoid it. (Prefer skimming)

That aside, a friend has asked me to do some rendering, (k rend) basically small decorative garden walls, step risers, that sort of thing, which is the only reason I'm considering it, as they are all small sections.

My qs, I'm struggling to work out when you use what product and why.

When do you use one coat, when 2.
What is monocouche?
When to use silicone.
When to use the mesh, when you dont need to.
Can you run the render to the floor.

Etc etc. I'm not to concerned about getting the desired finish, I just dont understand what product is supposed to be used when and where?

I'm not looking to wing it, as I have been transparent with the friend, however I tend is something I would like to get into, just struggling to work out where to start.

(Just for your own info, is on new concrete blocks.)

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards

you use 1 coat but 2 passes. wet on wet. unless uou use a basecoat..
basecoats used when old walls need adhesion..

monocouche is french for one coat..
krend is a silicone based render other manufacturers have different chemicals.

mesh is used to.decrease chance of cracking... i would use mesh on garden walls as usual alot of weight behind them.

you can run to groind when no dpc.installed
If there garden walls, I’d be concerened about damp coming through from the behind, what ever render you use will need modifying in some way, aswell as a couple of weep holes at deck level so if there is a build up of water behind it, it can soak away.
Thanks for your comments. That's a great help.

One of the walls is a water fall feature, which the are fiberglassing the inside, is there any way that can be finished neatly using the k-rend?

I was wondering about stop beading in just about the water line, over lapping the fiberglass. Juts feels like its asking for trouble though. Water getting between the render and fiber glass and popping it off.....is there a better way? Or proper way to finish that detail?