K Rend over sand cement/lime


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Good day all,

I would like to glean some guidance from the experts - which unfortunately I don’t think I am getting from my builder.

I own a 1950’s semi detatched bungalow (brick with mortar expected for its age!) with an extension in medium weight blockwork.

My builder has used sand/cement with hydrated lime as a scratch coat and final coat (though the gables have yet to have the final coat applied).

However, I have stopped his work because the finish of the final coat is appalling (even to my untrained eyes).

Very inconsistent application with light and dark patches, different surface textures; a mixture of edges/reveals which are rounded and squared, and medium sized patches of cracked sections (50cmx50cm approx).

This is all aside from the issues of them not applying any covering or protection over the (aluminium!) doors and windows.

The builder has agreed that the finish is very poor - his first response was that once an application of paint was made, it would look ok. After an inspection with him, he agreed that the finish was poor and his solution is to apply K Rend over it all. (Including the scratch coat).

My understanding is that K Rend is only thinly applied (so I am not sure that the K Rend would be suited as a top coat to a scratch coat?

I don’t feel confident that the the K Rend application is a suitable remedy.

May I put this to the forum for views?

Apply K Rend over the existing render (or similar as I get the feeling K Rend isnt the best product on the market)

Go through the rigmarole of removal of all the existing sand/cement and either have it properly re-applied or go for a silicone render throughout,

Thanks in advance


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It is tricky without seeing any photos. There are lots of materials on the market that may be ok for your property.
You did the correct thing in stopping him from doing any more damage to your property. You need to find yourself a local rendering contractor. What is your location?


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K rend isn’t thin it’s 15mm plus a base coat which is 3-5mm, I wouldn’t use it though in 10 years you will have pink streaks use Webber or parex same finish but better product


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You may be better off you and the builder using acrylic I’d imagine you could go straight over the sand cement but I’m no expert