K rend labour price

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To busy mate , and i don,t use Krend ,but i like your thinking :RpS_wink:
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IMG_0443_zpsd1e9f303.jpg Done a bit of weber in my time :RpS_bored:
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check out some of Keiths work before you call him a clown my love, the guy knows his stuff....

......and he's hung like a pony :RpS_thumbsup:

...so Arty says :RpS_wink:
I think he meant in general he does monocouche for a living although probs never usues krend.
Krend being 1 brand of manyany monocouche renders.

Just tell the guy his rates are the lowest you have ever heard of and you want more money. Tell him you can earn the same sweeping warehouse floors.

It will prob be full of dry edging and halos but then paying that he can't have any grumbles.
Just bang it on and rub it up. Dont bother with krend tough its **** use weber it goes on and rubs up easier. Apply in 1thick coat so you dont get halos and keep your edges wet so you dont get any joint lines
If your new to k rend then i wouldnt suggest you take a job on on your own, get an experienced head to go at it with you and ask him to speak to the customer about pricing etc
you need a few years with some1 whos been doing it for a while matey. took me a good year with the machines etc to get it really sharp. we can spray 50 - 250 sqms 3 man team a day. new build though. good luck if you haven't already done it :)
or there will be a post saying had a k rend done two years ago and your never guess what's happened..........
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