joys of plastering


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I've kina lost a knuckle but was from punching not from plastering :ROFLMAO:
Got my first hack this winter on my thumb, joys of floating sand n cement at this time of the year for a week. Do you suffer hacks skimming In winter mate? Ita usually mortar work opens them on my hands, so dunno if skim does it as bad as they are usually already opened by that stage
It’s called a boxers fracture:boxeador: I’ve got one aswell where the knuckle is flat.

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glorious life we have imago !!

Which I why I try not to moan about H&S too much. Sure it's a PITA, but there are a lot fewer deaths and injuries than there used to be so it's clearly working.


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H and s is good when it still applies common sense. Sometimes as we all know it takes the piss. At least scaffolds are safer for us now and all that jazz.


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Don't think anyone enjoys rough calloused hands! :LOL: Every night like S&M lol

Every night.... what am I saying?! Not that f**k**g generous!
Try these they are brilliant

Keeps hands as smooth as Gordon’s bum