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hi every one im new to this site . i cam out of the army about 12 month ago and did as part of my resettelment a 5 week city and guild plastering course i live inn surrey got my own van and tools im look ing to work alongside whit some one to learn a few more trickes not tobother about the location to much


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Pick another job would be my first tip mate! There aint much money around in the Construction Industry at the moment, but if you're determined to become proficient at plastering..........
First off, you have realised that you need much more experience, as your 5 week course was only a taster. That's good.
But then you say that you have your own van & tools which suggests that you are 'out there' now, trying to do plastering jobs for members of the public. I hope not, because I doubt that you have gained enough experience to leave a top-class job at the moment. Forget any ideas that you are a Plasterer at the moment and look around for Plastering companies that are looking for a labourer, but willing to train you up if you show the right attitude to the job. This will become apparant to the Plasterers you work with, who - if they see that you are keen - will quite gladly show you the ropes. And pleeeeease don't brag about the course you were on cos it will probably p!ss them off. Head down, gob shut & get on with it. Good luck:RpS_thumbup:
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