Job call in leeds!!!

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Need advice lads! Ive currently been plastering for at least 2 years part time with a family member.

Im capable of skimming, boarding and patching and want more of it. Due to my boss having a little sprog he packed in :mad: now, for cash im working as a chef which is not my preferred job.

I have my cscs card and a strong passion for plastering. Im young, very fit and willing to take anything thrown at me. I have manners and im not a cheeky s**t.

Hopefully i haven't bord you all!!!!!

Thanks ol
Good luck buddy, few Yorkys on here hopefully one might be able to help you out as long as you keep your expectations in hand with regards to wage etc
Cool, you dont have any contacts do you for it??? Am willing to get paid a labours wage too get more wool on my bak!!
Absolutely anything within the plastering game!! You based in Yorkshire!???
Hi mate he's from West Yorkshire,to find out you can click on people's avatar pictures and it will come up,some people choose not to put where they I've on but the majority do.good luck pal(y)
Yeh weird.... It may be something to do with the application on my mobile. It works on computer ive tryed it!
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