It's all ready to board n skim


I walked off one this morning for a loft company I have never seen boarding like it!!! Nails sticking out massive gaps everywhere put a level on dotting they did not that I needed to it was fooked!! I didn't even get tools out. I went in blind over the phone and agreed a day rate but to be honest the guy didn't even meet me at the job only customer there who did nothing but complain about them! I said I m really sorry to the customer but I won't put my name to that and off I went. The loft guy got a phone call from myself and I told him straight what I thought of his work and he shouldn't be in the trade I've now been getting threats!! Texts calling me a c**t the lot so called back no answer everytime I rang but more nasty text's:sorprendido3: spineless t**t lol. Some people eh:bananahappy:
Spread his name ova social media perhaps a few of his msgs as well that ll stop any work for the tosser sounds a rite cowboy and if ur feeling really pee d off with him take the msgs the coppers they love a nice easy case like that..saves them chasing druggies and peado s