Is this rising damp?


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Hi - thanks for letting me join forum. I'm a DIYer, mainly as can but also had some poor building works which sort of put me off, sorry!

I have a rendered house supposedly rebuilt some 40 years ago, lived here for about 25yrs and now the front paintwork cracks and peels after only a few months so something is wrong. I confess I raised the external path level a few years ago (used to be concrete) but left a 75mm gap from wall filled with stones. The render extends below the drip.

Digging down, I can't see any evidence of a damp course and drilling sample holes in the brick just below the drip is wet, I could paint with the sample!

Forum posts suggest the DPC could be in line with the drip thus I wouldn't see it and therefore bricks below could be wet?

Does the attached photo look like damp or am I in the wrong direction?




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Cracks in render Is tie wire issue
Rising damp is a myth ! paint is dated & flaky due to water ingress .
Ohhh the joys of painting exterior walls

your welcome