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I live on a end terrce house and as such my bedroom in winter is always really cold. I plan to batten the external wall and then plasterboard over, however I was also planning on putting some standard (loft type) insulation between the wall and plasterboard, however I have then been reading about making sure i have a water vapour barrier and the potential problems this can cause if i dont.

What would be the best course of action in this situation and do i even need to put down a membrane/barrier? I have lots of standard plasterboard left over so didnt want to go out and buy the foil backed one which i always read may help?

The other option is to not put any insulation in at all and whether this would avoid having to put down a barrier/membrane.. but then im wondering if this will even make the room any warmer?

All hints and tips appreciated! I dont have a clue when it comes to things like this!!

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I can see a problem their already,looks like your door (hinge side) is very close to the wall limiting your options of insulating I'm afraid.


Glue 8cm thick xps boards (vapour barrier itself) to wall with foam adhesive.
Than glue plasterboard with foam adhesive. May use some fixings to fix xps boards if needed.
Any other way - vapour barrier between plasterboard and mineral wool.