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Is that right hand margine always going to be wider than the left.
Thatll drive me mad

symmetry with fireplace below. Cupboard doors going to RHS, so will be centred between nib and tv


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Looks dreadful with the different margins from TV hole to edge and fire opening to edge.
But hey if you're happy with it crack on young man.
Will look good from my house. RHS is rough cut and over hanging to allow adjustments for the doors.
Looks good!!
Messed up with mine I made it to suit a 42-inch, went out and brought quite an expensive Sony bravia 42, 12 months later when the house was finished when to fit the TV and only then realised you measure a TV from corner to corner so had to go out and buy a 50-inch to fit the gap.

mate wanted 5mm margin. That was last year. Will be interesting when his new tv is fitted. :endesacuerdo: