Increased scaffolding costs


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Hasn’t affected us at all , just had to think outside the box

Monkey Boy

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I’ve made some dodgy set ups before with ladders and scaffold boards and a couple of g clamps
Once lashed a wooden ladder to top of triple 30ft Ali ladder to make a longer 40ft ladder but all that was back when I was young 20 ish


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Chinese lads near me knock up a cracking one with 4x2 and fence posts, with the price of timber now they probably using the real thing!


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Yes that y I've packed external work to much hastle. Sorting scaffold getting somebody decent to give you a hand. Weather to cold to wet or to hot so fuk it. Internal work only the od little external job.
How you doing for work your way? Busy?


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We use bamboo get it shipped in from Vietnam miles cheaper and easy to store and comes with gooks! You lot need get with times complete amateurs!