Improver Looking for Work in Kent / SouthEast, Wetherby And K-Rend Approved

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Hello All,

Im based in Folkestone, Kent and Looking for work in the southeast, I am hard working and very keen to learn and admit there is jobs i have no experiance in. I have my own tools and driving licence, no car at moment but will sort one out if i have to. Im hopefully looking for a long term job were i can learn it all and give something back for the skills i would have gained, but will be just as happy to get by with some short jobs.

Skills of use, I already have,

Skim, dot&dab, coving, plasterboard walls and ceiling, WETHERBY APPROVED CONTRACTOR

and also im on a course in a couple of weeks to be a K-REND APPROVED CONTRACTOR .

also have CSCS Card

Skills i dont yet have,

I have done small areas of float work, but i would probabley struggle if i had a large area to do.
Also have no Sand and cement Experiance, but have laboured for a renderer.

I might go on a sand and cement course yet, depends if i can find the money.

If any one can help it would be much appreciated.



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Mark, if you are still looking then I need someone to plasterboard / skim a number of rooms in my house. I am based just north of Ashford, Kent. Email me here: ashhorneruk @ Note remove spaces around @ symbol.



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Try and save your money on the courses for now. Get hands on experience and then go on the courses, but unless you are going to buy in the material just keep to Wetherby, k rend is not all that good a course from what is said on here.

You will benefit from a course on insulation with thin coat and a solid render course in mono. Weber,s course shows you how to set the G4 up and spray as the others tend be only the finishing side.

Loads of advice on here if you have problems and if you can,t find want you want from a search then put on a thread. Don,t ask for rates though!
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