imer group step 120 plastering machine.

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hey every1..
i am from india..i was just looking in this forum..i wanted to knoe abt the plastering machines..
i am looking to sell it in india.i found one of the brands called as imer group .model no step 120 or step 50.i would like to knoe abt the quality of the machines ..

apart from that..which other brands are good quality and price wise for resale purpose in india.

Single-phase version: 230V/50Hz electric motor – 2.2 kW with exclusive IMER inverter
✓ Three-phase version: 400V/50Hz double speed electric motor – 3.6/4.8 kW
✓ Electric supply panel with standard pneumatic remote control and arranged for
electric remote control
✓ Stator and rotor for conventional mortar (IM 25L)
✓ Spraying gun for conventional/premixed mortar
✓ Vibrating grid
✓ Compressor (250 l/min for single-phase version and 310 l/min for three-phase version)
✓ 30 m (20+10) of material hose Ø 35 with cam couplings
✓ 31 m of air hose Ø 13 with quick couplings
✓ Accessory box for conventional mortar spraying


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hi there are many makes and models for sand and cement you will need a diesel machine,if its for plastering a putzmeister sp11 or if its for floor screed you will need a putzmeister m760
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