Im just wondering how u giys go about pricing for removing old render before u render the house do u do per meter or just on time spent doin it

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Hey uo om just wondering how u guys go about pricing tonremove the old render first as u never know how hard its going to be. Im relatively new to rendering just been doing internals for years.
Any advice would be good

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Best way to learn is by experience! Just have go...


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Discuss with customer. Communication skills etc. Explain you want to give a fair price but need to earn a living. Maybe remove a section with them present.
Time is money always.

Your welcome


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used to do per price. but now i say fairest way is.

x amount per man per day plus skip and tool hire. i give them an estimate of how many days and explain had it before where id quote sat 7 days but takes 10 and had other way where would only take 3 days...

that way no one loses out


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Please don’t render somebody’s house if you don’t know what you’re doing! It’s not skimming and you could leave some poor people in bits! I


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I just hack off on metre rate just add it on to my render metre rate
If the substrate is fucket get the customer out
And start rubbing your chin.