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bought one of these off ebay last year (had quoted for lime plastering onto straw at the time )

the best way to apply first coat on straw bale--

good bit of kit :)

can use for all rendering jobs but

need towable compressor(uses french word load of air)

if you are exterior rendering you still need to get the gear up the scaffold -and scoop into hopper

you end up with a spiky coat which needs no scratching

does build up thickness better than by trowel---

as all things good and bad???

i think new they are about 350 ish so 200-250 for light used s/h seems ok



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I bought one of them about 5 years ago but have never used it as at the time didnt realise you needed such a big compressor for it but ime sure i only paid about £120 for it new.


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hello.i really need advice for my first spraying machine.what should i choose? the ritmo powercoat or the graco t-max 506?i need to spray first and second coat of plaster over render (i think this is how its called in uk .. the sand and cement mix over the bricks)
thanks you


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powercoat 0,8 – 3 l/min (on the oficial site) and the graco has 6l/min
so whats the problem with graco? couse i dont understand..


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the powercoat is only about 3-4 lts, but you can put a b 41.5 pump on it and it will do 14 lts, then mix and pump render
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