If it doesn’t happen soon


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Dont think I can wait any longer for this dewalt mixer competition, thinking I’ve got a 1 in 29,000 chance of winning so might just bite the bullet and purchase from the Germans before prices rocket with brexit, my mates just bought one , think he only did it to piss me off .



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That's a decent looking drill, unlike the dewalt, which looks like thor's hammer or a breaker


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Collomix x10 mate tbh I’m not sure on cost and can’t give any performance feedback as he’s not used properly yet
Stick one in the easter bonus ball runner up prizes ,2 weeks to the draw , best of luck to all those who bought a number or numbers ,all sold out , end of the month ,someone gets £590 runner up prize of a nela trowel of choice from @Plasterers1StopShop and maybe other prizes @Vincey @flynnyman

Grant Singer

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Looking at the collomix not having a housing for the batt could potentially pose a problem?
Had the dewalt a week now and it’s defo standing the test for me.
For the £600 £300 of that is the 9amp flex volt batts. They last for absolute ages. That’s where I reckon dewalt will beat other brands plus when you register you get a 6amp too.


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hi there zolco, when you say its a collomix with a metabo badge, are the innards/motor exactly the same?? do you know?
Metabo provided the batteries to collomix in exchange collomix given the whisk to metabo.
I have one, I wouldn't bother with it, only good for premixed gear or in emergency.
I haven't tried it but it might perform better with a bigger paddle