I Want to be a plasterer. West Yorkshire

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Hi guys,

im a 29yo hard working male looking to get into the plastering business. I worked for 3 years as a roofer and have helped on a few plastering jobs with others so I have a good understanding of the trade business. I understand I'm older than the usual labourer but I'm willing to learn and will give 100%. I own my own van so travel is no problem.

cheers for reading,



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Welcome along mate ,stick around ,someone could help you out mate ,best of luck:RpS_thumbup:


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Hello Ryan,
I'm based in Bingley West Yorks and it's not going to be easy finding many spreads that can afford a labourer in these parts mate.
If you've been in the roofing game you'll of noticed the prices dropping not rising?
The problem is the shear amount of un-skilled guys pretending to be spreads and they are happy to do domestic work for next to nothing mate.
This has had a knock on effect with the genuine spreads and that's one of the reasons most professional spreads cant really afford a labourer.
If your really keen and want to make a go of it then the best way in would be a course if you can afford it pal, once you've got the basics of applying finish plaster and mixing gear up then you could offer your services to plasterers at a discount rate and learn as you work?
I'm having to go up north to source better priced work mate, unfortunately west yorks is bargain basement when it comes to decent paid plastering work bud.
I hope that helps a little Ryan and the best of luck to mate. :)


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You will not get a bronze tan been a spread mate:RpS_thumbsup: plastering prices still on the floor mate at present.
but good luck with it.


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not for me thanks @jbeesy
He doesn't like working Mondays :RpS_cursing: gave him a trial he didn't work a Monday in 3 week


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Yes a course will be good - Leeds college of building .... Only negative part as they are full of school leavers.

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the best time to learn a craft or trade is when you are a school leaver. they have the finance support from their families.
a few years later and they have financial commitments and unable to produce enough finished work to support themselves.


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Not worjing mondays?? Could be a big sunday drinker.. social club by ours is empty all week then crammed on a sunday nite..all 50plus crowd


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could be either one I really don't know ,like I say shame he had the attitude and attention to detail :RpS_unsure:
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